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"At first, it’s the forbidding ice sheets of Antarctica, a 'place that offers beauty with a fist,' that dominate Henriette Lazaridis’s ingenious new novel. In contrast, the novel’s alternating narrative, set back in London in the comfortable household of Heywoud’s wife, Viola, initially seems less encumbered by intense physical sacrifice and ruthless ambition. But, as we all know, appearances can be deceiving. Lazaridis adds provocative shading to these two visions of heroism. When the two strands of the narrative unite and then combust, the 'terra nova' of the novel's title turns out to be a 'new world' not of the land but of the mind."

the New York Times

"From the blinding ice of Antarctica to the boisterous rallies of London’s suffragettes, this is a novel of muscular prose and indelible vividness. It is also a gripping examination of the differences between male and female heroism: how men and women explore, take risks and muster courage. With strong-willed characters caught in impossible circumstances, TERRA NOVA examines uncharted lands and shows a way to many new worlds."

Stephen P. Kiernan, author of The Baker's Secret

"What would you risk to fulfill a desperate ambition? Whom would you betray if you had to--and at what cost to you, the ones you love, the world? Set against the dazzling frozen backdrop of 1910 Antarctica, this is a mesmerizer about love, rivalry, and the indomitable strength of one of the best, most complex female characters I've read in years."

Caroline Leavitt, New York Times best-selling author of With or Without You

"Terra Nova is like Jack London and Anita Shreve had a baby: an absolutely immersive story of Antarctic survival, suffrage, a love triangle, art, and betrayal. Engrossing fro the first moment to the last page, when you'll immediately return to the beginning to start again."

Jenna Blum, New York Times bestselling author of Those Who Save Us and The Lost Family

"Terra Nova’s strength lies in its impressive marriage of art and exploration. Lazaridis relishes in long, gorgeous descriptions of scenes and explanations of shot-framing and darkroom photo processing as intimate as a love letter. This underlying stream of artistic enchantment hits the mark and keeps the pages turning.”

Associated Press

"Richly developed. In early 20th century Britain, heroic women risked their lives to win voting rights, and men defied death by launching expeditions to the Antarctic. On the surface, these historic struggles don't appear to have much in common, yet Henriette Lazaridis seamlessly links them in Terra Nova, a literary novel that highlights their common denominator: how far men and women will go to achieve their goals."

Minneapolis Star Tribune

“The title, Terra Nova, is an homage to British Antarctic explorer Robert Falon Scott. Into her novel, Lazaridis weaves another story entirely. And the blend works.”

the Boston Globe

"Terra Nova is just plain fantastic. From Viola, willing to risk all for women's suffrage, to her husband--traveling with her secret lover--who risks all to be the first to reach the South Pole, this novel is an intelligent, literary page-turner of the best type. Full of human frailty, heartbreak, lies and deceit, yet also adventure, love, and self-sacrifice while exploring the human drive to become more than we are. Bravo."

B.A. Shapiro, New York Times best-selling author of Metropolis

"I read this brilliant novel in one sitting. Dazzling, intimate, and spare, TERRA NOVA is a story of love and adventure, ambition and betrayal, artfully told with a taut suspenseful power."

Dawn Tripp, nationally bestselling author of Georgia: a Novel of Georgia O'Keeffe

"Lazaridis masterfully explores the human cost extracted from any attempt to conquer a new frontier--whether it be reaching a distant patch of ice, winning a fundamental human right, or securing artistic freedom--and forces us to contemplate what one person owes to another in the process. I was spellbound from the first polar storm and mesmerized by every click of Viola's camera. In the end, TERRA NOVA is an exploration of the human heart, what we desire, what we require, and what we are willing to sacrifice to achieve it. I couldn't put it down."

Katherine Sherbrooke, author of Massachusetts Book Award-honored Leaving Coy's Hill

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